Exploring Fort Point; Presidio District

Facing the wind //  Photo By: Ciurdars

Fort Point is the perfect place in San Francisco to get an up close and personal view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Deemed a National Historic Site in 1970 by President Nixon, this FREE attraction boasts a lot more than just stunning views, but a storied past to boot!

The strong brick structure (then adobe) was erected in 1794 by Spanish Military forces thwarting off any opposition seeking claim on Bay territory. In 1821, Mexico won independence from Spain, but did not maintain the fort on the coast as they moved inland toward Sonoma. The US occupied the fort after their victory in the Mexican-American War.

This site has seen the US through early victories, Civil War, and World Wars. It is a BEAUTIFUL structure architecturally. Its strong exterior leads into a many tiered maze above. Walking through the corners of the fort, you feel as if you are in Medieval times. The open-air stair cases, spiral you from floor to floor. The roof being the least appealing of them all requires you to look up, only into the face of one of the worlds most iconic giants.

Parking is easy and with many other SF attractions near by like, Crissy Fields and the Walt Disney Family museum, this is a perfect place to spot off for the best shots. 

Preserve Your Penny:

  1. Don't buy a thing and head to this super picturesque monument for $Free.99

Photos Above By: Ciurdars

If you head to Fort Point after the famous SF fog has rolled in, be ready for a freeze. The wind is incredible and the chill unreal. I felt pretty comfortable in layers underneath this amazing H&M thrift store coat and my Hunter Rain Boots. With my "Stunner" camera strap around my neck from Dark Water Classic, my Fuji is always close.


Sara De.