When faced with BIG ideas, we often quickly gravitate to words like "can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t." I want this to be a place that is a constant reminder to not only myself but my generation, that saying “yes,” using positive verbiage and thoughtful decision making, propels you to places you never thought possible.

Every great wonder-worth experience takes hard work to achieve; Be it fiscally, physically, what have you. I would like to encourage my peers and fellow ramblers to have outstanding days through smart planning, smart spending and giving into the escapade!

This blog will consist of travel tips, and day trips; Adventure outlines and tasty wines. A rundown of how to thoughtfully use your penny to gain some perspective.

I am a hard working girl, who uses what little she has to go far and wide. This is going to be an honest and realistic depiction of how I do it; And how you can too!

Invest your dollar. Enrich your life.