My name is Sara De and this is how I make the most of things!

I am an excitable young woman whose zest for life has outgrown the confines of her mind - hence The Penny Perspective!

A California girl born and raised, I have split my adult life between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  I lead my life with passion and zeal. Nothing I do is half-assed.I am trying, despite my Scorpio tendencies, to keep things lite!

A few other things:  I enjoy leather jackets and gloomy afternoons.  Tea over coffee. My favorite instrument is the Cello. Road-trips feel like freedom. Autumn colors drive me wild.  Science turns me on. The Airport is my favorite place. I will travel the planet. My drink of choice is an Old Fashioned. I am attracted to silliness and adventure.

What I do: Create, Collaborate, Paint, Photograph, Design

Who I am: Interested and Intrepid. 


Sara De