Row Boats and The Butchers Daughter; An Afternoon in Venice

Venice Canals ; Venice, CA

Venice Canals ; Venice, CA

Despite growing up in LA, today was the very first time I have ever visited the Venice Canals. Man-made in 1905, these canals were the architectural brain child of developer, Abbot Kinney, as to recreate the feel and essence of Venice, Italy in Southern California. Though I am sure the authenticity of Venice, Italy remains intact, the landmark's quiet walkways and trickling shoreline makes for a lovely afternoon of relaxation amidst a bustling beach town. 

No two homes are alike in the area. You can spend your entire stroll fantasizing about which unique home best suits you and why! From traditional craftsmans or beachy bungalows, to modern mini-mansions and exotic villas, nothing is cookie-cutter. See for yourself!

We parked locally in the neighborhood with zero constraints and walked right into the area. Total cake! After we worked up an appetite, we decided to head onto About Kinney Blvd. for lunch and some window shopping. We wanted to keep the meal lite and scene bright- enter "The Butchers Daughter." I had originally seen the picturesque restaurant in Nolita, Manhattan but ever had the chance to pop in! Upon remembering there was a Venice location, it was a no-brainer for the perfect healthy lunch spot. With a vegetarian and often vegan menu, the chefs have outdone themselves with everything from breakfast burritos to stone-oven pizzas and fresh pressed juices. 

A couple of refreshing white teas, simple salad and order of sweet and sour Pad Thai (with impressive carrot slaw) later we were fat and happy. The rest of the afternoon was spent window shopping, with the exception of LeLabo. I bought a little Rose 31 for my wrists. 

With Abbot Kinney being just about the hottest real estate on the map right now, you can get lost for several hours between it murals, shops and eateries. It is a real day-date paradise!

Preserve Your Penny:

  • Strolling the canals costs nothing. Though it is a landmark, keep in mind these are still rows of homes to many people. Stay on the sidewalks and enjoy the tranquility. 
  • If dropping an easy $100+ on perfume at LeLabo isn't in the cards at the moment, hold yourself over with a $6 sample of your favorite scent. With these robust fragrances, less is more and a sample can last several months if you are wise with your sprays!

I look forward to the next afternoon I can spend in the area! Who's coming with me?


Sara De