Tourists In Our Own Town - One; SF

It had been a rough week at work. I was looking so forward to the weekend, but the weather decided my fate early. With storms both Friday and Saturday, my mood stayed gloomy and body in bed. Then Sunday reared around with a plan unbeknownst to me. 

I made plans to spend the day with my dear friend Taylor. What our plan was: Go with the flow. We decided to meet at my place and start the day with a pricy brunch (no penny pinching there!) to treat ourselves for the rough and hard working weeks we had just seen. Since I have moved here I have wanted to dine at the Wayfare Tavern. Between its ambiance, open kitchen aesthetic and yummy menu, I knew that was the perfect place to live bit larger this morning.

By the time we were in and seated at the bar, overlooking the hustle and bustle of the dreamy French-tapestried kitchen it was seemingly Lunch time. Fried Chicken it is then! A regular on many of SF's best lists, I figured I would see what all the fuss was about only side a starting order of "Poutine" and an accompaniment of asparagus. Oh, an beer, did I mention the beer! Feast your eyes.......

Wayfare Tavern // financial District; San Francisco

Wayfare Tavern // financial District; San Francisco

Our lavish lunch was a fantastic way to start off the day. It felt good to check this famed SF restaurant off the list. It encouraged us to want to do more things that turned us into tourists for the day. That got us thinking about all the things that people come here to do, yet we had never accomplished. An Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista?! With eager curiosity, despite the pushback from out taste buds, we hoped in an Uber and head for the bottom of Hyde St.

Now, I am not big into coffee. I know.... shocking, but true. But I do love me some whiskey, so I figured I would give into the experience and throw one back. If you are unfamiliar, the Buena Vista Cafe is FAMOUS for dishing out lines and lines of pipping hot "Irish Coffees" as well as having one of the best views of the Golden Gate and SF Bay. Their Irish Coffee is Simple: 2 sugar cubes, 2 parts hot coffee, 1 part whiskey, 1 part whipped foam. Boom! The gentlemen behind the bar are all dressed with fitted white jackets and a black bowtie. Very old fashioned for an old fashioned drink. Savor it, throw it back, whatever! Just go, try and be like the rest of the tourists. Truly an experience!

Now, I can see why these unique beverages are sought after for the experience. I myself have had nothing like it. If not for the warming drink, head to the Buena Vista for the bustle and views.

With a little more liquor in our gust we decided to continue on in the area and push ourselves to do something we have never done. We walked one block down to Jefferson, and head for Fishermans Wharf. Look, since the dawn of time, tourists are told to come to this area. And in all honesty, I am not sure why. Over priced tourist traps and tacky vacation knick-knack are in high supply, but do your best to put your head down and not get sucked in. Instead seek out a particular treasure just past the Crab Markets; "Silver Fox Fishing and Tours." For $15 cash (plus a polite tip, if you please) you get a lap from the dock, past the Marina District and Palace or Fine Arts, under the Golden Gate, round the back side of Alcatraz, ending with a beautiful view of The Bay Bridge, Downtown, Coit Tower and Nob Hill. 

I had exactly $30 cash in my wallet, a rare thing. It was a serendipitous moment. So we hopped on, ready to see to the Bay like never before; In it!

Taking the last few inches of space on the bow of the boat, we expected some ocean spray and even better sites. Windy, noisy, and beautiful! Again, I highly suggest this easy, cheap and enjoying time on the water.

Those were the last pictures I got of the day before the sun went to sleep. After our boat ride, we decided to have cocktail at a place with one of the best views in all of California; The Top of the Mark. 360 views of the entire city, the Bay and Beyond, all from a restaurant and bar at the very top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel at the peak of Nob Hill, catty-corner from Grace Cathedral. Also, amongst  other notable buildings along California St., The Fairmont Hotel is home to the Tonga Room; a tiki-themed bar and grill in lowest level of the iconic hotel. A dark island paradise with Mai Tai's the will pack a punch! Of course, we got a lethal dose of rum for 4 in a fish bowl to share. Yes, a fish bowl. 

The end of the day was a silly and slurry one. Using ride shares in the city like Uber, and Lyft is the only way to enjoy yourself responsibly on a Sunday Funday. Come to San Francisco, see the sites, sip the sustenance and enjoy yourself! 


Sara De.