Art in the Sky - The Getty Museum ; Los Angeles

Sara over LA //  The J. Paul Getty Museum

There are many reasons to love this museum. It's permanent and revolving exhibits are world class, its free admission makes art accessible to all and in my humble opinion - the Getty is home to thee most sought after view over the city of stars. Hands down. From the business towers downtown to the lifeguard towers on the sand, the Getty magnifies LA and puts this vast landscape into the palm of your hand.

The halls of sculpture, oil paintings, photography and beyond are expansive and equally as thrilling are the stunning grounds they call home. We spent the afternoon studying the work that captured us inside and capturing a blue-bird winter afternoon in LA outside. The museum, atop the Palisade mountains, peering over the 405 freeway, is hard to miss. It is stunning from a far and exquisite up close. Each fountain, garden, flower and formation is calculated and perfectly so. We let ourselves get lost and like it.

Shawn in symetry // J. paul Getty Museum

Preserve Your Penny : 

  • Entrance into the Getty is Free! Enjoy a guilt free afternoon of artistic enrichment!
  • Pro-tip! If you arrive to the museum after 3pm, parking drops from $15 to $10. Save a few bucks and be sure to come for sunset. The view surely won't disappoint!



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