San Francisco Flower Mart

I have been feeling a little run down lately. There are many things in life to be excited about right now, but I feel like the world is moving so quickly around me that I haven't stopped to take a minute to smell the roses. Literally.

I have been itching to make a stop at the SF Flower Mart for as long as I have lived here, but just never made time for it - Today that changed. I woke up, turned to Shawn and assured him that visiting the Mart would be our one and only definite plan for the day. He obliged and we had a great time choosing fresh florals to bring home with us.

To me, flowers are so special. They brighten up any space and arranging them myself has always proven to be a stress reliever. The bushel gathered today was a bit of Blue Thistle, Pink Ranunculus, White Dahlias and some wild lavender fillers.

It was a sweet and easy time having fun with my guy. Just what I needed.

Preserve Your Penny:
  • Bang for your buck! Heading to a mart and buying different florals in bulk to arrange yourself is not only fun but cost effective. I was able to make 3 full bouquets for the standard price of 1 pre-arranged at a florist. 
  • Cheap date: Shawn and I had a great couple of hours together for practically no money spent. We were able to play "name that flower", build bouquets, have a fun drive through the city and reconnect.

What kinds of cheap and easy things do you like to do to decompress?!

Leave me a comment below!


Sara De