Day-Cation; Point Reyes, CA

Sara shooting the Shipwreck // Inverness, CA

I feel pretty darn fortunate to live in a place like California - particularly San Francisco. I can go surfing and snowboarding in the same day. I can hike rolling headlands and hoist a sail all in the same afternoon. The day to day grind can get you down, but no matter where you live, there is always somewhere to go and something to do that is different and entertaining - all you have to do is seek it.

To separate ourselves from the city we decided to take a day-cation to Point Reyes. A picturesque peninsula that hosts a charming little town and some of Northern California's most precious views. Just 30 miles North-West of the city, we set out  for an adventurous day grabbing some general-store goods, sighting shipwrecks and catching wind at Point Reyes Lighthouse.

Point Reyes Station

Point Reyes Station is a little town chalked full of charm on your way out to the seaside. Toby's is a general store where you can walk out with local produce, crafty cook books and just about anything in between! 

Cowgirl Creamery and Bovine Bakery are a few places along the main drag where you can find some tasty snacks to bring on the drive. Above is a map from Point Reyes Station to the lighthouse. Point A to Point B.  If you are interested in exploring more of this area, take a drive further to Point C to Chimney Rock. My time at Chimney Rock can be seen here!

Point Reyes Lighthouse

On the way from Point Reyes Station to the Lighthouse, you are met with winding roads of pasture farms and even stumble upon this stunning Cypress tree tunnel. Once at the Lighthouse, there is a small parking area, followed by a quick and easily accessed fire road to the viewing area. The coastline is gorgeous. We had the best time rolling down new roads together.

Inverness ShipWreck 

This shipwreck on the shore of Tamales Bay is an iconic site in this area. Heading North on Sir. Francis Drake Blvd. towards Inverness, on the way to Point Reyes Lighthouse, will lead you to it. Keep a look out on the shoreline. The wreck is nestled behind some small markets - dont blink! You might miss it!

Preserve Your Penny:

  • The only cost of the day was our delicious lunch in Point Reyes Station. The Lighthouse is protected by the National Parks Service - there was zero cost for visiting!


Sara De