Brand Spotlight: Dark Water Classic

Sara in San francisco with the "shutter" camera strap/ dark water classic

My dear friend Eric, founder and craftsman over at Dark Water Classic, has always been an eclectic soul. A tattooed, guitar wielding, salty-skinned, beach boy restored himself in his rustic roots when creating this from-the-heart brand last August. Specializing in the best of the best leather goods (wallets, camera/guitar straps, belts, keychains.....) and accessories, Dark Water Classic is your one stop shop for premium quality finds.

I took a moment to get deeper into the "Dark Water." I asked Eric a few questions about all things DWC:

Q: Dark Water Classic is a unique name; Where does its meaning stem from?

A: The name Dark Water Classic is inspired from many of the things I love and enjoy in life.  So when I talk about "dark water", it is basically a metaphor for the ocean, oil & gasoline, Ink, coffee, and beer & whiskey.  What they have in common is that they are of dark liquid substance, and they are traditional, classic and historic elements. 

Q: What is the philosophy behind your brand/process?

A: Basically with DWC, I just really set out to design and craft items that are useful. Items made of good quality so they will last.  As far as process goes, everything I have made has started as a sketch with pen and paper.  Once its drawn out, measurements dialed in and the music is turned up, I take it to the workbench and start bringing it to life.

Q: What has been your favorite product to craft so far and why?

 A: Putting wallets aside, my favorite product to make is the Sling guitar strap.  I've been a guitarist for 18 years now and probably the coolest thing I can say I have accomplished is crafting the most comfortable guitar strap I have ever worn.  Whether  I'm hanging my smallest parlor body acoustic from it, or a big ass anchor of a solid body electric, theres no difference in comfort and reliability in the strap.  So yea, its the little things in life that get me I suppose.

Q: When in the shop, what tune gets your work gears going?

A: The very first thing I do everyday when I set foot in the shop is I turn on Pandora, Gary Clark Jr. "Catfish Blues Radio".  The Blues really just put me at ease and bring me into a mindset where I can lose track of time and work hours on end.  The better the music you're listening too, results in the better quality of products you make. ( This is something I made up in my own head, but I stand by it )

Q: If DWC got a "celebrity endorsement", who would you hope for?

A: If I were to get a celebrity endorsement, on a serious level, I would be stoked to have Dave Grohl from the FooFighters.  Dave is the man.  And one day he will probably be president........But on a non serious level, Haley Joel Osment.

Q: What can a costumer expect from their relationship with DWC?

A: I am a very hands on, communicative small business owner.  I love interacting with my customers.  I love talking to them & getting to know them.

Q: When you are not hammering away in the shop, what are you getting into!?

A: Well I work DWC 7 days a week, but at the end of the day I am only human so I do take breaks.  I play guitar every single day, every little break from leather work.  I try and surf as much as possible, but the beach trips have died down since DWC launched.  Being a one man operation aint an easy business to build from the ground up, but I love it.  I am always keeping busy.

Q: List three words that represent DWC?

A: Genuine, Quality, Craftsmanship

Dark Water Classic is a labor of love in more ways than one. In the 10 years I have known Eric, I have always viewed him as a romantic. He has surely proven that by building this business from the ground up, much in his Fiancé's honor. From trading in his hot-rod for an engagement ring, to creating an established business, this rock-n-roll romantic is using what he can to give them the intimate nuptials of their dreams. What a guy!

As a photographer, I was itching to get my hands on the BEAUTIFUL "Shutter" camera strap. Over the past several years of wearing large bodies around my neck, I have never had a camera strap immediately feel so comfortable. I requested a 31" adjustable strap; Being that every single order is hand-crafted, I was beyond thrilled to be able to ask for EXACTLY what I wanted. What came in the mail was more than I expected. The leather soft and silky against my skin; The hardware rustic and perfect in size; The clean logo sharply embossed on the tail end of the strap.  It is sturdy, sexy and sustainable! It is the perfect strap for me. Head on over to DWC Website now, and do yourself a favor!


Sare De