A SoCal Day, In NorCal ; Ocean Beach

In San Francisco, the weather is always moderate. The spring means a comfortable daily temperature that requires a "lite jacket" after sunset. So when the sun glows heavy, the locals head outside - practically to the coast. Shawn and I packed up our blanket, a few snack and beers and made our way to Ocean Beach; Adjacent to Golden Gate Park, just south of The Cliff House and Sutro Baths.

We met a couple of Shawn's school pals to toss the football around and soak up this seemingly SoCal day, in NorCal. The water was its usual frigid cold but the warmth came from the sun-kissed smiles that pepper the shoreline.

We ended our afternoon enjoying a beer with a view at the Cliff House over looking the Sutro Baths; A popular tourist and photography location. The expansive salt-water pools, whom now sit in ruins, serve as an epic backdrop for any hike, beach walk, or portrait session.

The final stretch of the evening was spent winding our way down Highway 1 to grab a casual burger and rootbeer. In N Out burger: the ultimate California Classic to cap the ultimate SoCal style day. 


Sara De