5 Years of Love and Life; Vasquez Rocks, LA

Shawn and Me // 5 year anniversary; Vasquez Rocks, Agua Dolce, CA

Shawn and Me // 5 year anniversary; Vasquez Rocks, Agua Dolce, CA

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I have a best friend and his name is Shawn. Dating for 5 years and still pretty damn thrilled with one another. I would say the past 5 years have been the best of our lives for many reasons. He reminds me to relax; I push him to strive. He pours me a drink, I rub his feet. We are considerate of each other, validating when we should be, and brutally honest even when it stings. He works hard for me, and I for him. He makes me laugh from my belly and I make him giggle like a girl. We are a team.

There is so much love here and I am so thankful to Emily Magers for extending herself and her photography services with this Anniversary Session. It was suggested that Shawn and I round out our week-long vacation artfully with a love infused photoshoot. We jumped at the chance. I just needed something to wear!

We had just visited Scottsdale for your Spring Training Trip and on the very last morning, we strolled by a very quirky and colorful window display. It was of Fashion by Robert Black, just off the main drag in Downtown Scottsdale, AZ. I walked in and was in shoppers paradise. One of a kind vintage dresses and gowns, COLOR CODED. Heaven WAS a place on earth. I looked through every single item on the racks and LAST but not least, tried on this gorgeous emerald green, hand stitched dress from Guatemala. The dress fit me like a glove. It was as if someone made it for my body alone. I had to have it, so I did. There wasnt a more perfect opportunity to show off my new purchase than the following day back in California.

That next evening, we set out with Emily to have ourselves a good time in beautiful Vasquez Rocks just before sunset. With Hozier’s “Cheery Wine” playing from the stereo speakers, looking sweetly into Shawn’s kind green eyes, I felt deeply at peace. Seems strange to feel so genuine and autheric when it was “on the spot” like that; a camera darting at your every mood. But we were, and it was raw and honest. How often throughout your week or day are you forced to stare extensively  into the eyes of your lover? Where your only job is to loose yourself in the color patterns of their eyes? Not often, right?! Those are moments taken for granted. That practice is priceless. That connection is palpable. That exercise gave us an unreal product that we will now have forever in these photos. You better believe since then; since learning what love, joy, warmth, lust, and calm comes from starring intentionally  into your partners eyes, I stop the world and do it a lot more. Try it, see. 

It was the time when they loved each other best, without hurry or excess, when both were most conscious of and grateful for their incredible victories over adversity. Life would still present them with other mortal trails, of course, but that no longer mattered; they were on the other shore.
— Gabriel García Márquez

A giant thank you goes out to Emily Magers for capturing us during this blissful time. Cheers to so many more years of pictures with my perfect partner.


Sara De