24 Hours in The Fair City; Dublin, Ireland

Pub Crawl through Temple Bar // Dublin, Ireland


Where to Have A Drink: You would be remiss if you did not walk the streets of Dublin's Icon "Temple Bar" Street. Grabbing a pint of Guinness is made easy at several Irish Pub's along the strip like The Auld Dubliner. I found a particularly pleasant pint just across Dame St. on Dame Lane at The Stag's Head. Between those 2 areas, you should easily find a place for a pint.

If coffee calls after a long night of pints, head to Art Cafe for a relaxed vibe along with your latte. 

Where to Grab A Bite: For tapas try The Port House. For trendy and hip try CrackBird. For Iconic, try The Winding Stair. Bistro delights can be found at The Green Hen or Pichet. Despite old lore, good food can be found in Ireland. Have fun with it! 

Where to Go Shopping: On the South Side, head to Grafton Street. A variety of notable retailers line the street. Amuse yourself with the street performers in between purchases!

Where to See Some Sites: If you have it hard for Hogwarts, head to the Trinity College Library. "The Long Room" is a magical looking place. Dublin Castle and St. Patricks Cathedral would round out your fairytale first time in this lively city. If alcohol is of interest (lets be real, it's all about the booze here...) making your way to the Old Jameson Distillery or Guinness StoreHouse would be fantastic choices! 

                                                                                                 On the Map Each Color Indicates - 

Red; Grab A Drink // Yellow; Grab A Bite

Purple; Go Shopping // Green: See Some Sites

Samuel Beckett Bridge //  Dublin, Ireland

Samuel Beckett Bridge //  Dublin, Ireland

Preserve Your Penny:

  • The taxi in and out of the city center from the airport can run anywhere from  € 30 and upward! Take the Dublin Airlink Double-Decker bus to the airport for just  €6!  It is quick, efficient and best of all, CHEAP! There are many pickup locations all over downtown making it a breeze!

Our time spent in Dublin was quick. There is so much more to explore here and beyond on the Emerald Isle. Can't wait to find ourselves back in Ireland in the future! Cheers!


Sara De.