What Travel Means to Me?

My entire life, I have felt an itch that I could never scratch.

Feeling like a well rounded individual, this annoying, tiresome and confusing emptiness subtly haunted me. I’d think to myself; “You’re conventionally “happy”, you are loved, you are provided for. Get over yourself, nutty!”  Yet, the red-raw irritant led on.

All of these things on the surface were the absolute truth. Everything was perfectly normal. But I am just not cut out for “normal.” It wasnt until my early 20’s that I realized there was a cure to this yearn. Up until that point, all I knew of “travel” was a congested mini-van, hours on end in close proxy to my immediate family, N*Sync’s self-titled cassette tape on repeat, and the loop of Southern California's surrounding regions. It was difficult to get a family of 5 packed into the car, let alone up at 36,000 ft. I had been on just 2 flights in my life before the age of 22. One to the midwest and one to my future/current home of San Francisco. The city that changed it all for me.

In my 22nd year, I moved to the Bay and was fortunate enough to accept a position that not only gave me some extra change in my pocket but also offered me the opportunity to do a bit of traveling here and there. It was a new phase in life and I was so excited to see where it would take me. Little did I know that this was the answer to my itch. Through my small adventures in the city, as well as within my position, more and more I felt that itch and emptiness dissipate. I was learning more about myself, conquering everyday moments in the city, and pushing my wit and body when it came to being a lite mover and shaker. I was totally enthralled with the day to day - almost a little too much. There was a new pestering itch, but one that I loved and wanted to cater to; this was a whole new bite and it was by the Travel Bug.

My mind most days is in the clouds. Dreaming up scenes and scenarios, playing out moments and milestones before they even manifest. Living in San Francisco these past 4 years has been the greatest leap of faith and greatest pay off. Through hard work, smart choices, ambition, thirst and my easy spirit, I have found a way to satisfy a life long itch, and even embrace this new restlessness. This account will pay homage to that process and the places that helped me learn to love my life, thus far. There is so much more to experience. So many more daydreams to turn reality! Glad we get to do it together!

What does travel mean to me?

It means scratching an itch. It means fulfilling your purpose. It means making an impact. It means humbling yourself to the people that came before you. It means being a puzzle piece in the exciting future ahead.  It means exponential learning and growth. It means understanding your affect on this planet. It means being self-reliant. It means making your own assumptions of the world and its vast cultures first hand. It means looking to yourself to be your own best resource, ally, teacher, friend. It means cementing your memories. It means freedom to take your life by the balls and call the shots for nothing but betterment. 

Like I mentioned, taking a leap of faith, despite all my calculations, led me to what I believe was the missing link of my life. I can only hope the stories and messages you see here can encourage you to take your “norm” and shove it. It's not easy for 20-somethings to feel like they can "have it all" but with wit, some planning, embracing your everyday - you can have exactly what you need.


Sara De