Reinventing My Exit

This month has been relentless. With a world changing election, a reflective birthday, and an unexpected arising of opportunity - November has my head spinning.

There is only so much one can do on a daily basis to feel in control of their life and I did my damnedest this month - I voted with my conscience, reflected on my shortcomings and hopes for an improved new year and seized opportunities despite the risk of the unknown. I tried to be immediate and thoughtful. Particularly regarding a fresh occupational opportunity that fell into my lap - All that said, I am excited to announce: I have accepted a new position within my current company and am relocating to Los Angeles next week.

Truthfully, it doesn't all feel real yet. San Francisco is my home. I have spent my most formative years here; creating my perfect home, building a strong adult-relationship,  and growing and changing with a city that allowed me endless excitement and wonderment. This is bittersweet. Straight up.

Though I am allowing myself to mourn the city that shaped me, I am also reinventing my outlook and staying open to all the new joys that will set in from being back in Southern California; Close to my dearest friends and family. I need to not just look at what I am losing, but moreover what I have to regain with this transition. I am eager to embrace the new personal and professional milestones that await me!

Today, on Thanksgiving, I want to thank San Francisco for all the friendship, art, community, smiles, electricity and heart it has shown me. The World Series Championships, the moments above the fog, the friends around my table, dancing in the park, and rooftop serenity. You were my Everest. Coming here was my dream I turned reality. Living and working in this city not only gave me the opportunity to thrive within it, but abroad as well. San Francisco gave me my thirst for life and travel. This city very literally was my golden gateway to the rest of my life. Now it is time to tackle my next highest mountain; my next list of dreams. I dont know what else to say other than I love you so much and thank you for everything.

Here are some memorable moments from half a decade in this magical city with magical people.

To San Francisco - a big, giant, creepy love-hug from your most humbled inhabitant. Thank you.


Sara De.